What started off as a joke between me and my girlfriend ended up with us turning up at Governess Elizabeth's door anxious to explore kink (and report back to our mates!). We've tied each other up before and played with toys but didn't know where to go from there. We searched a bit online and decided to phone the London Dominatrix School to learn more about the kinky couples course. We weren't too sure what we wanted to explore so we decided on a lesson of a couple of hours so we could discuss our fantasies and take it from there. We were a bit nervous, but Governess Elizabeth assured us on the phone that same-sex couples are more than welcome and we could take the lesson in whatever direction our fantasies went.

Governess Elizabeth welcomed us at the door, offered us some drinks and we were soon chatting about our fantasies, desires, sexuality as if we'd known each other for years. We learnt a lot about each other too. We moved into playing with what we learnt was sensory deprivation, tease and denial and, after realising we enjoy switching, how to use D/s and switching in and out of the bedroom, building anticipation. She gave us lots of ideas and encouraged us to be creative.

Governess Elizabeth started us on our journey into kink and, a few months on, we're learning and exploring more and more each day.