Choose Your Course

Whether you are looking for a new career as a Professional Dominatrix, want to become a Femme Fatale in the bedroom or go on an exciting BDSM journey with your partner, the London Dominatrix School has the just right course for you. Giving you the skills and confidence to learn the art of Female Domination, each course contains a unique syllabus in which lessons are taught by a professional Mistress on a one-to-one basis with the help of an experienced male model. Each lesson lasts for one hour and encompasses both theory and practical skills training.

Professional Dominatrix

Pro-domme (Ian).jpg

This course combines guided practice in a huge range of activities, psychological theory, health and safety instruction and business support for the aspiring Dominatrix.

Bedroom Mistress

Bedroom Mistress (Ian).jpg

For those wishing to develop the skills to dominate their partners and experiment with new activities, this course guides you in the art of safe, sane and consensual BDSM.

Kinky Couples

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Tailored to your level of experience, this course offers you and your partner(s) a safe space to explore the many forms of risk aware consensual kink in all their glory.