The London Dominatrix School offers a unique opportunity for Ladies to learn the intriguing and rewarding Art of Female Domination. Our aim is to teach you the necessary knowledge and skills as well as to give you the confidence to play in an exciting yet safe and consensual way.

Originally founded by a London Mistress and a friend with business interests in BDSM and Domination, the London Dominatrix School first opened its doors in 2015. They were inspired to do so after being contacted on several occasions by Ladies who either wanted to become a Dominatrix or wanted to learn how to play safely in their private lives. At that time there was nowhere one could learn either of these in a comprehensive and structured way, so the two friends decided to test the waters with a very simple website and little else. They tapped into an as yet untouched market: the response was overwhelming! Since then the School has gathered momentum and taught hundreds of students from the UK and from as far afield as the United States and New Zealand..

Our teachers possess a wealth of experience and expertise in all the aspects covered by the school syllabus. Our Head Teacher, Mistress Evilyne, is one of the most high-profile Dominatrices in our community today. Her on- and offline success has been created through a full understanding of the Art of Domination and with the skills required to build a strong business. She is therefore best equipped to impart both technical and psychological knowledge, whilst complementing these with her real-life experiences in the scene.

Throughout your training to become a professional Dominatrix, we will show you how you can use your previous life experience to support your new career choice. We will help you develop too: being a professional Dominatrix  is a job that allows you to continue learning, to build strong and lasting connections and to realise the value of risk-aware and consensual play.

The School is located in one of the most beautiful areas of London, a stone’s throw from Regent’s Park and conveniently close to Baker Street and Marylebone stations: an area that is steeped in history, some of which runs parallel with the interests of the School.