• Be guided in your journey to becoming a Femme Fatale

  • Gain skills and confidence in your chosen activites

You will be introduced to all the dungeon equipment and furniture and instructed in how to use them safely and hygienically. You will have plenty of practice and be given lots of feedback from Myself and the school model to guide you in your journey to becoming a Femme Fatale, gaining skill and confidence in your chosen activites. Throughout the course, we stress the importance of understanding the psychological aspects of BDSM and will discuss these in relation to romantic and D/s (Dominant/submissive) relationships and each activity. This is a vital aspect of your training to ensure both you and your partners' safety. Finally, we encourage you to explore, discover and question in the safety of My Chambers in your quest to become a true Mistress in the bedroom.

Choose any of the lessons below or you are welcome to enquire about other fetishes and activities you would be interested in learning about.

"After dating a guy who was into BDSM and being a complete novice this course proved invaluable, giving me the confidence to take control in the bedroom, play safely and impress my man"
- Alex



  • The first lesson allows Us to get to know you, so We can offer you the support you need. It is your introduction to Myself and the school itself. You will be given a tour of the Chambers and We will assess your current level of experience and aspirations and answer any questions you may have.

Lesson 1: Corporal Punishment

  • You will be introduced to a variety of corporal punishment equipment and taught spanking, paddling, flogging, leathering and caning. We will discuss some psychological aspects as well as health and safety.

Lesson 2: Rope Bondage

  • This lesson aims to make you confident in tying your partner(s) up safely and accurately. We will discuss types of rope and necessary equipment, rope handling, and health and safety. You will learn to tie a rope corset.

Lesson 3: Nipple Play & CBT

  • We will introduce you to different types of restraints and how to use them. This lesson will focus on sensation play, specifically light to heavy nipple play and CBT (cock & ball torture) using a variety of equipment and techniques.

Lesson 4: Foot Fetish

  • We will discuss psychological and historical understandings of shoe, stocking and foot fetishes. We will practice different approaches to foot fetish sessions, from foot worship and teasing to trampling and ballbusting.

Lesson 5: Anal Play

  • We will cover preparation for anal play, practice using anal toys, techniques for and approaches to strap on worship and play, and prostate massage. We will discuss submission through penetration and fantasies.

Lesson 6: Feminisation

  • This lesson focuses on the process of feminising your partner, from makeup and clothes to deportment and their performing for you. We will discuss terminology, psychology and practice a range of different activities.

Lesson 7: Electrics

  • You will become competent in using the violet wand and Electrostim toys. You will be guided in how to use these to produce sensations from a gentle teasing to torturous pain.

Lesson 8: Humiliation

  • We will discuss approaches to humiliation, negotiation, risks, triggers and aftercare. We will practice a negotiation and short humiliation session using the practical tips and tricks discussed.

Lesson 9: Chastity

  • You will be introduced to two types of chastity device (metal and silicone) and their uses. You will practice putting them on and removing them. We will discuss chastity as part of a romantic and D/s relationship, chastity contracts and partners’ experiences of chastity.

Lesson 10: Sexual Domination

  • In this final lesson you will be introduced to techniques such as teasing, smothering, also known as facesitting, and orgasm denial, often referred to as edging.



Each lesson, as well as the initial consultation, costs £200 and lasts for 1 hour.

A £50 deposit will be required when booking to secure each lesson. Payment can be made via electronic bank transfer.



The School is open from 10am until 9pm weekdays. Weekend appointments are available on request. 

To book your lesson(s), send an email with proposed date(s) and time(s) and We will check availability.


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