I've had a couple of lessons at the London Dominatrix School with my husband. We didn't know where to start so told Governess Elizabeth that we were beginners and asked her to guide us. Our first lesson was an exploration of why and how we were interested in kink, discovering what it meant to us, what interested us about it. We had a look and play with some of the toys, dildos, floggers, rope to see what most excited us. I really wanted to do some strap on play and B was pretty happy about this too so our first lesson was all about anal and strap ons. Governess Elizabeth handled this really well - she was both professional and relaxed and friendly - she didn't make something so intimate awkward or intimidating. She gave us tips and techniques and introduced us to the variety of anal toys we might consider once we're more advanced.

It's sometimes difficult to say what you'd like to explore with your partner and to know how to do it and what to buy for it. With Governess Elizabeth we could be open and she had everything we needed to play and learn and have fun doing it. She was sensitive, encouraging and made the lesson fun. We came away thinking, why did we wait so long to try it out?