Lady Lucinda

If you've ever been curious about what it's like to be a dominatrix, whether due to a natural preference, or something you'd like to explore with your playmate, then the Dominatrix School is for you. This was the position I was in a few weeks ago. Looking to up my game in the bedroom, I was excited to see that not only did the School cater for the curious and kinky, but also offered training to become a professional dominatrix, to which I thought "why not!?'

At the initial consultation with Governess Elizabeth, who was friendly and professional, I was even more sure of the decision to embark on this adventure. The chamber in which you work (which I affectionately called the naughty room) is in a great central London location, clean, organised and well equipped. I excitedly completed the course within two weeks and learnt the basics of becoming a dominatrix, including those all important psychological and health and safety aspects.

Practicing on Jonas was great fun, as well as informative, with feedback givenat all stages throughout. Finding out that we all liked the same kind of music and having it play in the background during lessons added to the enjoyment of the whole experience. And the final session with Governess Elizabeth's sub was very realistic. The School also provides support on setting yourself up as a professional dominatrix...the stage that I, Lady Lucinda, is at right now. Thanks to the Dominatrix School I'm looking forward to putting my new skills into practice and seeing what this space....