Miss H.L. Walters

My initial reason for signing up to do the Professional Dominatrix course were mostly to do with my writing.  I’d published a BDSM novel before, but never really explored the practical or went in-depth with the psychology, and as I had started doing more femdom short stories, I wanted to be more descriptive and knowledgeable.  Alongside this, I was also interested in learning more about being a Domme to explore that side in a d/s relationship behind closed doors (submissive men definitely make the best partners!).

Having now done the eight modules from the Beginner course, and the first four modules of the Advanced course that I was interested in, I’ve gained more than I thought I would out of the two months that I studied with Governess Elizabeth (once a week).  Her own studies into the psychology of BDSM, particularly chastity, ensured that Elizabeth is probably the best person to learn from in London – whether you want to explore female domination fantasies as a couple, or if you are thinking of going professional.  Understanding what makes a submissive tick really is the key to being successful as a Dominatrix. The course has been designed to be done as individual modules that interest you, or can be used to build each week as your confidence grows.  Electrics was one of the modules I’d been dubious about, but it quickly became one of my favourites. 

All the way through the course, Governess Elizabeth and Jonas (the school model) provided feedback on not only practical technique, but also on how to set up a business.  While I’m not going to go Pro-Domme full-time due to other work commitments and my writing, I definitely feel better equipped to make an informed decision and able to make a success of it if I do.  My writing has definitely improved, and I’ve loads of short story ideas to publish and also to engage with the right readership via the social media channels that Elizabeth and Jonas introduced me to.

An addition, and unexpected, benefit was that going through the course has made me more assertive in my everyday working life, better able to communicate and control (particularly the men!), but also to put a value on my time.  This is even more so in my personal life.  I’m now likely to say to a man who is intent on wasting my time for just one thing, ‘I’ll invoice you at the going rate!!’

The investment in the course modules will definitely be worthwhile, whether it’s as a way of adding more intimacy to your relationship, or giving you the skills, knowledge and important safety information, to build up a Dominatrix business with repeat clientele and good reviews.

(Her Ladyship) Miss H.L. Walters, Author