House of Kittens invites You to the Amatory Asylum

As some of you may know one of our teachers Madam Kitty is Top Cat at the burlesque collective House of Kittens. On October 10th and 11th Madam Kitty will be opening the doors to the Amatory Asylum for two dark and twisted nights of Female debauchery at The Wellington 91 Jermyn St St James London SW1Y 6JB. Tickets prices start at Β£35.00 and are available at House of Kittens

Here’s Madam Kitty divulge the shocking details.

Welcome to Amatory Asylum, an immersive experience of the surreal and sensual world of House of Kittens.

Dr Lili La Fleur, head of the Asylum and presiding physician of sexual psychological studies, invites you to take part in an exclusive experiment to uncover and explore your most covetous carnal cravings.  A space for sexual liberation founded by the illustrious Scientific-Humanitarian Committee, patients will undergo an evening of observation and inflammatory experimentation to give flower to your deepest desires through sensory exploration and performance.

Seek sanctuary from our judgmental society in this, our haven of sensual salvation. Witness our groundbreaking techniques in psychosexual therapy and then, enjoy the annual Amatory Asylum Ball where you may mingle with our now liberated ladies. 

Dress Code- Elegant, Medical, Fetish

Prize for best dressed 🎁