That special spark... - ElectroSex Stimulators

There’s a special type of titillation that doesn’t come from touch, or heat, or cold. It goes deeper than just the skin, and it doesn’t leave a mark. It can be as gentle as a ticklish caress, but it can also make you scream out in pain.

Electrics are one of my all time favourite ways to put a slave through his paces. I have always been of an inquisitive nature, so a toy that allows me to play mad scientist was always going to be very attractive to me.

“You can use electricity in BDSM?” I hear you gasp , as you cover your mouth with your hand. Yes, yes you can! and it’s so much fun! Everyone remembers that first time they received an electric shock, and you are probably remembering it right now, wondering why would anyone ever want to experience something like that for pleasure? Let me erasure you, the sensations provided by electrosex stimulators such as my favourite toy the Electrastim Axis, do not feel anything like that traumatic memory. These little boxes allow you to fine tune the power of the current pulsing through your partner or slave’s body, offering you the possibility to play them like an instrument. Using an Electrastim toy on its lower power settings creates a pleasant buzz, not unlike the sensation of pins and needles, wherever you have decided to put it in contact with their body. This could be on their genitals (using pads or cock rings), inside their anus (using a conductive butt plug), or even on the inside of their thigh (thanks to the delightfully dangerous looking Wartenberg wheel). If, like me, you are a bit more of a sadist, you can start to slowly increase the power, and see how far your slave is willing to go for your pleasure and amusement.

The thing that I particularly love about the Electrastim kits (other than their phenomenal range of options, menus, and accessories) is the fact that they give me the opportunity to feel like a mad scientist. When hooking my slave up to the Electrastim set, I get so excited about the endless possibilities. Everyone reacts differently to electrics, so I never really know what is ahead, and every body is a new science lab for me to tinker with.

I always enjoy the Electrics class at the Dominatrix School so much, because it’s one of the most apprehended classes in the curriculum, but it’s the one that students always end up enjoying the most. Once they realise the power which they hold in their hands and the pleasure of being able to zap a slave at the touch of a button, they are always hooked.

If you want to get into electrics, why not visit the Electrastim website?

Students of the Dominatrix School get a special discount, so it’s yet another reason to sign up!